Based in Sunny Singapore, MUSE Communication Singapore was established in March 2019 and is an active branch company of MUSE Communications (Taiwan).

MUSE Communication Singapore is comprised of a young team armed with fresh ideas and new perspectives on the rich animation industry. Borne of a society that can be said to be a 'melting pot of cultures', the staff are well equipped with the knowledge and awareness to better cater to audiences not only in Southeast Asia but Asia as a whole. Driven with a desire to learn and grow in the Animation Industry, MUSE Communication Singapore not only provides premium content by keeping on the ball with the latest trends and releases; but also reaching out to the people on the ground. 

Adopting a contemporary approach to business, MUSE Communication Singapore is ready to take on the world. 


MUSE Communication Singapore aims to be a leader in the industry of Intellectual Property in the genre of Animation as well as Anime Merchandise Retail in Southeast Asia. We hope to be the No.1 Retail choice for consumers in Southeast Asia.

By taking part in events regionally, we hope to build a solid community of fans and partners, and eventually realize a self-sustaining industry of creators and consumers. 




Hakken! is a brand new online retail store by MUSE Communication SG, aiming to create a unique retail experience for customers by integrating tailored immersive events and the convenience of online shopping.

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To promote only our brand and our associated contents, MUSE Communication Singapore will not only be actively participating in various events regionally but also holding fun and exciting events of our own.

Find out what events we'll be going to next as well as our archive of past events.

Intellectual Property

Rights and Licensing

MUSE Communication deals with a variety of licensed works, and have endeavored to promote and market titles through various avenues.

If you're interested in helping your titles break into new markets in Southeast Asia, or if you're interested in a title that we hold the rights to, we welcome you to link up with us!


Talent Management

Interested in inviting a Cosplayer guest for your event? 

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Bringing Anime Closer to You! 

Same-week simulcast as Japan, MUSE Asia YouTube Channel offers full HD Episodes of the latest Anime under our licensing banner for free! 


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