Cells at Work!! The Strongest Enemy Returns. An Uproar in the Body's Intestines!



Animation Movie.



Fans' Screening: 12 December 2020

General Release: 17 December 2020



This is the insides of a human body―

It’s a world where various cells work together.

There was a time when White Blood Cell (Neutrophil) and Red Blood Cell meets Normal Blood Cell, who’s protecting the lost Lactic Acid Bacteria.

In order to send the Lactic Acid Bacteria back to where their friends were, White Blood Cell (Neutrophil) and Normal Cell heads towards the intestines. However, what awaits them is an undesirable, strongest enemy!

“Between me and you, who’s justice? Let’s settle it once and for all!”

The Cancer Cell reappears once again. And bad bacteria have now destroyed the intestinal environment. The body is about to meet its biggest crisis!?

“Stop this right now, Cancer Cell-!”

In order to protect this world, and with the world’s fate in the balance, the White Blood Cells (Neutrophil) takes on this gruesome battle!


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