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Global Offices

MUSE Communication (Taiwan)

Established in 1992, MUSE Communication (Taiwan) boasts itself as a well-rounded animation agent and distributor. With its keen sense for animation trends and efforts in creating even larger variety of animation goods over the past years, MUSE has successfully put itself on the competitive global market.

Having professional staff members who are enthusiastic about learning animation industry has helped MUSE foster a shrewd take on the latest trends of animations, and it has scored highly on several popular and long-lasting titles over the years, such as Natsume Yujin-cho , One Punch Man, Assassination Classroom, Sword Art Online, Attack On Titan, ATASHIn'CHI, Fairy Tail, Hunter x Hunter, FRAME ARMS GIRL, AIKATSU!, Foufou, and Weather Boy. In addition to its expertise in promoting animation titles, MUSE is also known for its superior experience in manufacturing animated-character goods or sub-licensing business. The wide ranges of animation products such as clothes, stationery, toys, accessories, apparels, and more, are amounted to over thousands of items every year and suited the needs for all-age people.

Armed with a great team and the high quality products, MUSE spares no efforts in promoting its animated titles and products locally and worldwide to keep pace with the global market. Besides headquarter in Taiwan, MUSE also branched out in Hong Kong, and Shanghai to keep in real-time touch with the major animation Mecca.

Recently, MUSE is actively participating in the international anime events and Expo, such as Taipei International Comics & Animation Festival (TW), Comic Fair (TW), CICAF (CHINA), CCG Expo (CHINA), Hong Kong ACG, Animax Anime Carnival, Malaysia AFA, Singapore AFA, etc.  In all these anime events, MUSE has attracted the largest number of people queuing its booth, accumulated the greatest amount of sales and drawn the most attention from the mass media.

In addition, MUSE officially announced to the launch of its first IPTV Channel "i-Fun" specializing in Japanese anime programming on the MOD platform operated by Chung-Hwa Telecom in mid-2013.  Rather than launching as a cartoon channel for all-age viewers, i-Fun is an anime channel for aged 14 to grown-ups.  Except for a wide variety of anime programs, i-Fun also broadcasts several brand new titles within a week behind Japan premier or even same-time-as Japan simulcast.

With its mature skills and developments on the animation market in Taiwan, MUSE is ready to create its business for international expansion.


242, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Xinzhuang District, Zhongzheng Road, No. 649, 6th Floor
TEL: +(886) 2-2903-9101
FAX: +(886) 2-2903-6346

MUSE Animation (Shanghai)

Muse Communication (Shanghai) was established in 2013. It is MUSE Communication (Taiwan)'s third branch company, after Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

The Shanghai branch has succeeded MUSE Communication (Taiwan)'s rich experience in the Animation industry, and is actively invested in animation-related exhibitions, promotion, networking and the authorization and assistance in product development. Their goal is to promote original animation and achieve win-win situations through shared profit and co-operation. Some titles that fall under their copyright includes: Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, HunterxHunter, Natsume's Book of Friends, A Certain Scientific Railgun, A Certain Magical Index, Axel World, Little Busters, Amnesia, Beelzebub, Cheburashka and many more popular Animation titles.

MUSE Communication (Shanghai) is located in Puxi's Changchen Dasha; a highly accessible (located at CaoYang station) and wonderful work environment.


595 Caoxi N Rd, Shanghai Movie Square Offices B Block, 9th Floor, Room 1, WanTiGuan, Xuhui Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000
TEL: +(021) 5290-7959
FAX: +(852) 5290-7865

MUSE Animation Limited (Hong Kong)


Sang Woo Building, 227-228 Gloucester Rd, 20th Floor, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
TEL:  +(852) 3426-3588
FAX:  +(852) 3426-2994


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