Monster Girl Doctor



TV Animation


July 2020


Welcome to the town of Lindworm, where humans and monsters coexist and rookie doctor Glenn carries out some…risqué medical examinations!

Whether probing deep into the gills of a mermaid,
suturing the thigh of a flesh golem,
helping a harpy lay an egg,
or palpating each and every scale of a dragon…

No matter how different their looks, bodies, and properties, Glenn devotes his all to saving them—and, in the process, winds up in some pretty dangerous liaisons…? But don’t worry—it’s all just a part of his medical exams!

Thus Glenn kicks off another day at the office, even as his lamia assistant Sapphee is about to wrap her tail around his neck!

It’s the world’s first medical fantasy that takes a deep dive into the lives and anatomy of monster girls!


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