Woodpecker Detective's Office



TV Animation


April 2020


The time is the end of Meiji Era - Takuboku Ishikawa, the poor genius poet starts a detective office after encountering a murder case in a skyscraper.

The name of the office is "Woodpecker Detective's Office".

"The Ghostly Case of the 12th Floor of Asakusa", "Man-Eater Dolls which Walks Through the Town in a Snowy Night"... These are some of the many cases that the detective office takes on.  The one who takes on the role of his assistant is none other than Kyousuke Kindaichi, his senior from the same village.

Set in Tokyo in an era of increasing openess and globalisation, the genius poet Takuboku begins a brand new life, together with his poet friends of Kodo Nomura, Isamu Yoshii, Sakutaro Hagiwara, and Bokusui Wakayama.


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